12 Nov 2021
The Corsair shines again at the Rome Opera

José Carlos Martínez’s version of The Corsair, created in 2020 for the Rome Opera Ballet, has once again shone brightly on the Rome Opera stage.

After having to suspend part of the functions in 2020, due to the coronavirus, 2022 has been the date chosen to replace Martínez’s choreography, with six functions from May 10 to 14. The public has once again welcomed the proposal with warm applause and long ovations in each of the performances.

The press has echoed the success of the creation:

“fluent narrative built on an extremely richly ballet vocabulary, whose range goes from the refined footwork of the Romantic era to the more expressive neoclassical movements, together with some virtuosic bravura moments and a little touch of lively character dance. All this gives the contemporary audience the flavour and the beauty of ballet, boldly and masterly performed”.

“the Pas d’Esclave for Lankedem and the slave Gulnara and the celebrated glorious duet here danced by Medora and Conrad himself; all the development of the story and choreography is coherent, no moment is out of context or simply to stop the show”.

“At the opening night, Medora and Conrad were performed by the guests Marianela Nuñez and Vadim Muntagirov from The Royal Ballet, both debuting in their roles. A dream couple of the ballet scene of today, they gave an amazing show of their breath-taking eminence”.


«Cuando me planteé hacer un nuevo ‘Corsario’, para mí era importante preservar la tradición, pero al mismo tiempo quería hacer un ballet de nuestros días. Seleccioné diferentes fragmentos icónicos del ballet y en torno a ellos construí una nueva dramaturgia, porque la original era muy complicada y creo que el público actual necesita algo más dinámico y sencillo. Cuando coreografías un ballet con argumento es esencial que el público entienda la historia, así que todos los cambios que he hecho han sido para hacer el ballet más dinámico y para simplificar la trama», José Carlos Martínez.


El Corsario, Ópera de Roma

The Corsair, Rome Opera House

Music: Adolphe-Charles Adam, Cesare Pugni, Léo Delibes, Riccardo Drigo

Ballet in two acts

Libretto by Vernoy De Saint Georges and Joseph Mazilier based on “The Corsair” by George G. Byron

Conductor: Alexei Baklan

Choreographer: José Carlos Martínez

Decorator and figurines: Franceso Zito

Lighting design: Vinicio Cheli



Marianela Núñez 10, 12 (8 p.m.)/
Maia Makhateli 11, 13/
Susanna Salvi 12 (11 a.m.), 14 (8 p.m.), 15 /
Federica Maine 14 (3 p.m.)

Vadim Muntagirov 10, 12 (8 pm)/
Jacopo Tissi 11, 13/
Alessio Rezza 12 (11 am), 14 (8 pm), 15/
Simone Agrò 14 (3 pm)

Susanna Salvi 10, 12 (8 pm)/
Marianna Suriano 11, 12 (11 am), 13, 14 (8 pm)/
Sara Loro 14 (3 pm)
Alessandra Amato 15

Walter Maimone 10, 11, 12 (8 pm), 14 (8 pm)/
Michele Satriano 12 (11 am), 13
Mattia Tortora 14 (3 pm), 15

Orchestra, stars, principals, soloists and corps de ballet of the Rome Opera House Ballet.

El Corsario, Ópera de Roma

The Corsair, Rome Opera House

El Corsario, Ópera de Roma

The Corsair, Rome Opera House

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