19 Dec 2020

Magical Ljubljana
18 Dec 2020

25 Nov 2020

José Carlos Martínez is immersed in the process of creating his version of Giselle, for the Ballet of the Croatian National Theater, in Zagreb. The premiere will finally take place on February 18, 2022 in the Croatian city.

José Carlos Martínez premieres “The Corsair” in Ljubljana
15 Sep 2020

José Carlos Martínez will premiere on September 22, in Ljubljana, his new version of “The Corsair”.

31 Oct 2010

31 Oct 2010

To sell
31 Oct 2010

The city
31 Oct 2010

My first ballet class?
16 Sep 2010

A long time ago! And it wasn’t really a dance class. I lived with my family in Cartagena, Spain. My little sister was taking dance lessons. One day in December 1979, there was a costume party and my mother asked me to attend with my little sister. I was nine years old. When the professor saw me, she said “Stay with us if you want to.” It was a sort [...]

16 Sep 2010

Mats Ek’s Giselle differs in various ways from all other ballets that I have danced.
It’s in his Giselle that I was first able to show my real personality on stage and where I didn’t need to act. Mats Ek doesn’t want his dancers to play a character, he seeks authentic and personal reactions.
He brings together the performers, aiming to achieve the rapport he’s looking for between the characters. In the [...]